31 Dec 17

Who called 1857 revolt as sepoy mutini?

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    1. Who was the first martyr of revolt of 1857?
      Answer: Mangal Pandey
    1. Who was the Sargent shot dead by Mangal Pandey ?
      Answer: Major Hudson
  • Who gave the name "First War of Indian Independence" to rebellion of 1857 ?
    Answer: V.D Savarkar (VD Savarkar airport is situated in Portblair)

  • Who wrote the book "Indian War of Independence" ?
    Answer: V.D. Savarkar

    1. Which British historian described the revolt of 1857 as Sepoy Mutiny ?
      Answer: John Lawrence, Earl Stanley
  • What is the real name of Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai ?
    Answer: Manikarnika

    1. Who was the commander captured Jhansi ?
      Answer: Hugh Rose
  • Who became the King of Delhi after Indian Rebellion of 1857 ?
    Answer: Bahadur Shah II (the last Mughal emperor, exiled in Rangoon)

  • Who called 1857 Revolt as "neither first nor national war of Independence" ?
    Answer: R.C Majumdar

    1. Who wrote the book 'Great rebellion' ?
      Answer: Ashok Meta

Place and the leaders of Rebellion

  • Barakpore =>> Mangal Pandey

Delhi =>> Bahadur Shah II , Bhakth Khan

Kanpur =>> Nana Sahib

Lucknow =>> Begum Hazrat Mahal

Gwalior =>> Tantya Tope

Jhansi =>> Rani Lakshmi Bai


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