05 Feb 21

Manoj takes ( took) an off, and we go (went) out for lunch.
I won't (don't ask) my boss for a leave.
Do (does) your bike consume less petrol than mine.
Do( did) you have tea in breakfast?
I won't eat anything if (unless) you give me a smile.

Wo log cab bula negge jab wo taiyaar ho jayange .
They will call (call) a cab when they will be (are) ready.

Awal might have to reschedule the meeting.
I wasn't (didn't) invite to the party.

Does not he knew;(knows) your plan yet.

Is phone me kayi aise features hain jo Baki phone me nehi hai.
This phone has many features which other phones don't (doesn't).

The teacher wants her students to sit quietly.

Kuch hi dini me mere pas job hogi.
I will (may) (must)have a job in a few days.

Since rawal is the best teacher, you should follow (follows) his instructions.

I sneeze (sneezes)if I see dust.
He is my friend already( yet) he doesn't trust me.
I may not spend (spent) money on a new sofa.
I will have to dinner tomorrow.
Will she give (gives) her phone number?

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