28 Jan 21

Go and bring your phone from there/go and catch your phone from there.whi

Don't drink juice in this manner otherwise,
all the juices will fall into your clothes.
Is tarah juice mat piyo Anyatha,sara juice kapro gir jayange jaenge.

Don't eat It by licking. Ise chat chat kar mat khao.

You should eat food by chew properly.
Tumhen khana chiba chiba ka khana chahie.

You should eat your own food with your own hands.
Aapko apni khana apne hathon se khana chahie.
Your father will about to come.
Tumhare papa bhi aane wale Hain.

I already told you that, drinking water like this clothes get wet.
Maine tumhen pahle hi kaha tha,Is tarah Pani peene se kapde gaile ho jaate hain.

Let's go for offering the namaz.
Chalo namaz padhne chalte Hain.

You look ahead while you walk.
Samne dekh Kar Chala karo.

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