20 Aug 19

Please hive me a discription about muthaq bill

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The provisions of the bill were:[19][18]

All declarations of instant triple talaq, including in written or electronic form, will be void (i.e. not enforceable in law) and illegal.
Instant triple talaq remains a cognizable offence with a maximum of three years imprisonment and a fine. The amount of any fine is at the discretion of the magistrate hearing the case.
The offence will be cognizable only if information relating to the offence is given by the wife or one of her blood relatives.
The offence is non-bailable. However, there is a provision that the magistrate hearing the case may grant bail to the accused. The bail may be granted only after hearing the wife and if the magistrate is satisfied that there exist reasonable grounds for granting bail.
The wife is entitled to a subsistence allowance. The amount is to be decided by the magistrate.
The wife is entitled to seek custody of her minor children from the marriage. The manner of custody will be determined by the magistrate.
The offence may be compounded (i.e. legal proceedings halted) by the magistrate upon the request of the woman against whom talaq has been declared.