08 Feb 19

I use Rank file mostly. But now I feel more comfortable with online learning, Anyone suggest me which is better option for kerala PSC learning ???

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In my suggetion
Learn only Needed for PSC exams
A Rank file may contain 1000+ Questions and answers. Do you think everything is needed?
For example :At the time of buying a rankfile (December 2018) RBI governer is Urjit Patel after January, changed to Shaktikanda Das. But the rank file shows still the same?? So even we spend money for rank file we need some online or support from outside.
Do you believe everything on Rank file is Right ? If you know some facts you can find from that, if you are a beginner, you learn the wrong, Right ??
Entri app provide online support for candidates.
If we face any issue, doubts for questions and solutions, Need solutions, we can ask and clear ASAP
**Unlike other apps, Entri is completely online platform, So updated every time.

Hey, its my suggestion,I faced some issues that's why I explained this. You can choose if you found it better .

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face: !!!


Thank you for information 😊😊


In my suggestion
Rank file has 1000+ questions only but entry: Kerala Psc,etc.., app has more than 10000 questions then I suggest entry app it is more comfortable from Rank file for Kerala psc learning. 👍👍👍👌👌